3. Make Your Theme Match Your Brand

Depending on what theme you purchased, you’ll be able to customize a variety of options to make your site look more unique and match your brand without having to touch a single line of CSS. The exact options available to you depend on what theme you purchased, but in this section we’re going to cover the basics that all of our themes feature to help you get an idea of where to get started.

To customize your site, go to Appearance > Customize.

Site Identity: This is where you edit the name and tagline of your blog. You can also update your Favicon here.

Header Image: This is where you can update your logo. Please pay attention to the recommended size. If you upload a logo file that’s larger than what’s listed, WordPress will force you to crop your image to fit this area. If you need to crop your image prior to uploading, try PicMonkey or Canva.

Colors: This is where you can change the primary colors of the theme to match your brand. Colors that you’re changing includes link and button color.

Fonts: If you’re interested in using different fonts on your website, you can update them with the Use Any Font plugin by Dinesh Karki. Once you have installed the plugin, you’ll give your fonts a name and them upload them to your WordPress site. After that go to Customize > Fonts, and type in the name for the fonts that you gave in the Use Any Font settings.

Our Premium and Deluxe themes have a variety of additional options you can customize, and they should be pretty self-explanatory as to what you’re changing. If you’re not sure, though, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Once you’re done editing your options, click Save & Publish before you navigate away from this page.

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