June - Import Demo Widgets

The widgets from the demo will automatically be added to your site when you install the Starter Pack after installing the theme. You'll be able to open the page, swap out your content, and save the changes easily from there.

If you did not install the Starter Pack after installing the theme, you'll follow the steps below to import the demo widgets.

First, make sure you have the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin installed and activated on your site. You'll also want to have the other recommended plugins installed and activated, which you can find here

Once the plugins are installed, you'll go to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter


Choose the june-widgets.wie file found in your Theme Extras folder that came with your theme. Click Import Widgets

You'll see a screen like below when all of your widgets have imported.



  • If there are any failed imports, it's likely that you're missing the required plugin (such as Genesis eNews Extended). 
  • Any widgets that were previously installed on your website will still be there.
  • You'll likely want to reorganize or delete your existing widgets or some of the demo ones to fit your needs!

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