June - Setting up the Homepage

Selecting Home page layout option

If you are creating a new Home page from scratch using the steps below, you can skip this section.

If you chose to install the Starter Pack after installing the theme, you can simply go to Settings > General > Reading, and select one of the home page options to be your Home page on your site. 

You'll be able to open the page, swap out your content, and save the changes easily from there.

Making Home page Full Width

If your Home page is not displaying a full width layout like it should, open the page and click the G button in the top right of your screen.

From there, under Layout change the dropdown from Default Layout to Full Width Content.

If you did not install the Starter Pack after installing the theme, you'll follow the steps below to add your chosen Home page option to your site. 

Creating Home page

Create or open your Home page, and in the top right of the screen click the three stacked dots. Change your  Editor from Visual to Code

Copy all of the code below for the option you want to use, and paste it into your page.  (If you want to replace your existing Home page content, then replace all of the code that's currently on the page with the code below. If you're starting from scratch, you won't have any code displayed on your site.)

Once you've pasted the code, you can click the three stacked dots in the top right of your screen again, and change your  Editor from Code to Visual.

From there, you can swap out the content, and Update or Publish your Home page.  

Home page option 1

Home page option 2

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