June - Post-Installation Guide

After you're done setting up your website to look and function the way you'd like it to with the June theme, there are a few things you can do to officially launch your new look.

Remove any unnecessary demo content

If you installed the Demo Content and Demo Widgets on your site and left anything untouched, you'll want to get rid of that before going live. Things to check:

  • Blog posts - Are there any blog posts remaining on your site from the June demo?
  • Pages - Have you customized the Home, About, and Instagram pages to have your content instead of that from the theme demo? Did you setup your Blog page
  • Widgets - Are there any remaining widgets with demo content in them? Have you configured the Genesis eNews Extended widgets to have your email marketing information? Have you configured the Instagram widget to display your Instagram feed?

Disable + uninstall the Coming Soon page

After you've removed all of the demo content and you're happy with how the site looks, you can disable the Coming Soon page to launch your site. 

To do this, you'll go to SeedProd > Settings, and change the option from Enable Coming Soon Page to Disabled.

If you don't anticipate using the plugin again, you can also go to Plugins in your dashboard, and Deactivate the Coming Soon page plugin.

Once it's deactivated, I also recommend deleting it until you need to use it again. 

Update your Instagram Bio Link

Now that your Instagram page is customized with your content and your site is officially live, don't forget to update your Instagram Bio Link with the Instagram page on your website.

Submit your site to be featured

Last, but certainly not least, once your site is live I'd love to give you a shoutout in the showcase, my newsletter, and on Instagram! To be featured, you can fill out a brief questionnaire here

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