June - Migrate to Genesis Blocks

If you're using v1.0 of the June theme, you'll need to migrate from using the Atomic Blocks plugin to Genesis Blocks. Below are the steps to do this.

Before getting started, make sure that you've backed up your site. If you don't use a backup plugin already, I highly recommend Updraft Plus.

Install Coming Soon Page

Install the SeedProd Coming Soon plugin, and navigate to SeedProd > Pages in your WordPress Dashboard. Toggle On the Coming Soon Page

Note: You can customize this page if you'd like, but it's not required.

Install June v2.0

Navigate to Appearance > Themes, and Delete the June theme you have installed on your site. 

Go to Appearance > Themes again, and then upload June v2.0, which was emailed to you, and Activate the plugin.

**Important note: If you've already used the June theme on your site, do not click to "Install Pack" for the setup again. If you do, it will create duplicate homepages and other unnecessary content on your site. So if you've already been using the theme on your site, follow the steps below.

Migrate to Genesis Blocks

Navigate to  Atomic Blocks > Migrate in the sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard.

Click the button to Install and Activate Genesis Blocks, and you should be redirected to a page similar to the screenshot below.

**Important note: If you receive an error (like below) instead of seeing the migration page (like above), don't fret! Simply add the following to the end of your URL, and you should be redirected to the migration page: http://yoururl.com/wp-admin/?genesis-blocks-migrate=1

Follow the steps on the page to migrate to Genesis Blocks.

Finishing Up

When the migration is done, you'll see a success message similar to below.

Navigate to any pages on your site that used Atomic Blocks (like the homepage) and make sure that everything appears correctly. 

If it all looks good, go to Appearance > Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard, and you'll see that the Atomic Blocks plugin has been deactivated. You can delete this plugin now.

Go to  SeedProd > Pages in your WordPress Dashboard. Toggle Off the Coming Soon Page. Go to Appearance > Plugins, and deactivate and uninstall the Coming Soon Page plugin.

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