Bloom - Creating A Two-Line Menu

This section will lead you through creating menus with two lines of text, as shown in the theme demo.

Navigate to APPEARANCE > MENUS and select the menu you’re using as the LEFT HEADER MENU.

Click the arrow on the right edge of the menu item you’d like to customize to expand it for additional options.

Delete the text in the “NAVIGATION LABEL” box and copy the following:

<div class=”menu-number”>01</div>your link text

CHANGE THE NUMBER “01” with the text you’d like to appear on the top line and CHANGE “YOUR LINK TEXT” to what you’d like the menu link to display.

Repeat this step for each of your top-level menu items for both your left and right header menus

Note: If a menu item is indented like you see with the “beaver builder template”, “typography” and “column classes” links in the screenshot to the left, do not use this method.

When you’re finished, click SAVE MENU.

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