Creating columns in the content


The first option is a nice and simple plugin created by Nick Diego called Genesis Columns Advanced. This plugin is great because you can use it in both your posts and pages to create a variety of column layouts.

To start, install the plugin and head over to the page or post that you’d like to add columns to. In the formatting menu, you’ll notice that there’s a new menu item available with two columns of three lines and a dropdown arrow. Clicking that button will open up the different column options you have available.

Column dropdown

From there, you can easily create anywhere from 2 to 6 columns of equal width or create custom columns using the “Advanced Layouts” option.

Once you choose what type of column layout to create, you’ll see a shortcode appear in your post or page. All you have to do is replace the placeholder content with your own content and you’re good to go.


Column placeholder text


Column after text is added

Once you preview your post, you’ll see the content you added is there, formatted in the column layout you chose. The best part? Responsiveness is already taken care of for you!

Columns previewed on page


Our second option of using the Beaver Builder plugin is a bit easier, but is limiting because it can only be used in pages, not posts.

You can use either the free or paid (affiliate) version of the plugin to create anywhere from 2 to 6 columns and drop in any content you want. Check out our post all about Beaver Builder for a tutorial of how to get started!

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